Quang Natural Tooth Powder 85gm

Healthy, strong and white teeth

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Our Natural Tooth Powder is a completely chemical free oral care product formulated with special ingredients which are a very important part of achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gum.



• Kill germs and fresh all day.

• Long life healthy, strong and white teeth.

• Remineralizes Teeth and helps keep teeth and gum healthy.

• Instantly removes bad breath, and refreshes mouth with mint flavor.

• Made with 100% natural ingredients, No SLS or other foaming agents

• Country of Origin: BD.



Cypriol, Gum Arabic, Betel Nut, Pepper, Neem with 33 Items.


How to Use

Use a soft toothbrush. Make the brush slightly wet and dip the brush into the tooth powder. Gently brush your teeth like normal for 1-2 minutes. Rinse mouth thoroughly. For best results use twice daily.

BDT 150.00

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