Company Overview is a one stop online platform for product and service. We believe time is valuable to our client and bring the best of products at the best value right to doorstep from direct source. Also provide lower price on bulk purchases for Retailer, corporate & SME Customers. In its 5 years lifespan, has grown rapidly and is serving over 10,000+ Individual, 1000+ Retailer, 100+ corporate & 100+ SME customers, 30000+ Service Hours Saved, 10 Million Litre Water Saved and the number is increasing daily.

Water Care

Our daily routine, fight against sneezing, dust, eating and human contact with millions of bacteria. We also spend more water to keep ourselves and the surroundings clean and disinfected but around 800 million people around the world suffer from clean water and 5 billion people suffer from water for about a month a year. WWF survey, "Two thirds of the world's population could face a water crisis by 2025." Bangladesh is already spending a lot of money to clean up water. Little awareness can save the next generation from the devastating disaster of this germ and water crisis. Some of the products, services and public resources of Metroshine are being used to save about 100 million water a year and to remain bio-free. We hope we can increase it 100 times soon with everyone's cooperation and our efforts.

Auto Care

People without vehicles are in idle, but the safety of these vehicles is not the end of the human suffering. From purchasing custom vehicles to paper updates, fear of wet fuel and theft, regular lubricant change, keeping clean and disinfected, AC/break service, good decoration, accidental damage, buying spare parts, road side help and many other stress. If there is a problem, the car is sent to the workshop by the driver, where it is difficult to rely on the mechanic's work. Traffic jams and service points are often wasted for the job serial. Also purchased from the open market, have a confusion of product quality, price and wetness. Metroshine has been involved in the automobile business for 10 years and any vehicle related services are delivered directly to the customer's doorstep at a reasonable price and at a specified time by experienced technicians and genuine products. This saves time, money and increases the car's longevity without suffering.